Energy Healing

Energy healing is a beautiful, non-invasive treatment where the healer connects to the universal life-force energy and channels it to the recipient to help promote balance and wellbeing, across the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual. During the healing, the client may relax on a treatment couch or sit in a chair if they prefer. Distant healing is available for those unable to travel.

I also provide healing for small animals. Animal healing is very similar to working with people, and I have found small animals, especially cats, to be very aware of the healing energy

Supervision for Healers

I provide supervision for both trainee and accredited healers. Supervision is a confidential space where healers can discuss both their client work and their working practices. This helps to ensure they are providing best practice to their clients, that they are looking after their own wellbeing, in addition to increasing their knowledge.


Meditation is a powerful tool for transformation. There are many types of meditation including Mindfulness, which is very popular at the moment. If this doesn’t suit you there is also guided meditation forms utilising visualisation, sound and colour all of which encompass breath work. All of my work is tailored to each individual’s needs so you may want to explore different options to see what works best for you. Meditation is ideal for people who have stressful lives and are looking for a way to relax and find peace and for those embarking on a spiritual journey who are looking to deepen their spiritual practice.

Space Clearing

Space Clearing removes unwanted negative energies from your home or office and leaves it feeling clear, balanced and calm. Negative or stuck energy can have a debilitating effect on people, their homes and businesses.

Telephone Sessions

Although it is nice to meet in person, it is not always necessary. I work with clients from many different locations and therefore my work is often conducted via the telephone.

All of my work is complimentary to conventional treatment. Clients are advised to continue taking any prescribed medication when undergoing treatment with me. This will not affect the ability for healing to take place.

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