Energy healing is a beautiful, non-invasive treatment where the healer connects to the universal life-force energy and channels it to the recipient to help promote balance and wellbeing, across the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual. During the healing, the client may relax on a treatment couch or sit in a chair if they prefer. Distant healing is available for those unable to travel.

I also provide healing for small animals. Animal healing is very similar to working with people, and I have found small animals, especially cats, to be very aware of the healing energy


With psychotherapy, I provide a safe and confidential environment for you to explore through dialogue, dreams or active imagination any issues that you may experience, such as depression, anxiety, lack of direction or not knowing who you are.

Through self exploration, can come understanding and healing. We each of us have the answers inside us, but sometimes need help finding our way to them.

Inner Child Healing

A lot of the reasons we behave and think the way we do are intricately tied in with our childhood experience. Much of it may be forgotten, in our conscious minds, yet as an adult we repeat many patterns based on those experiences. Inner Child Healing can help to heal the wounds created during our childhood.

Sometimes a combination of therapies is appropriate, which will be discussed with the client at the outset of the treatment.

Spirit Release

Spirit attachment is quite common and can be successfully treated. It is where an earthbound spirit attaches itself to the aura of a living person. Spirit Release involves identifying the spirit and the reason for attaching itself, followed by helping it to detach and depart. This work benefits both the client and the spirit who has attached to them. Until the spirit is able to detach, they cannot continue on their path and will remain ‘stuck’ until they do so.

Symptoms can include:
Tiredness for no reason
Lack of energy
Having thoughts that are not characteristic of you
Mood swings
Addictive behaviour
Behavioural changes

Generally, there is nothing malevolent in spirit attachments. They are attracted to the energy of the individual that they know will feel comfortable and sustain them. The consequence can be draining and less pleasant for the recipient.

Space Clearing

Space Clearing removes unwanted negative energies from your home or office and leaves it feeling clear, balanced and calm. Negative or stuck energy can have a debilitating effect on people, their homes and businesses.


I provide a combination of breathing exercises, meditation, guided visualisation and healing, tailored to individual needs to bring about relaxation. This is ideal for people who have stressful lives and are looking for a way to unwind and find peace.

Telephone Sessions

For clients who are not able to attend in person I carry out healing, mentoring, relaxation and visualisation appointments over the telephone. Please call for more information.

All of my work is complimentary to conventional treatment. Clients are advised to continue taking any prescribed medication when undergoing treatment with me. This will not affect the ability for healing to take place.

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