I have a desire to help people find positive change through my teaching and offer one-to-one or small group tuition for those looking to embark on their training in a safe and confident manner.

I teach healing, meditation, mindfulness, spiritual development, energy management and psychic development.

All tuition is tailored to each individuals requirements and we can discuss any particular areas you may want to cover.

Upcoming Workshop, Saturday, 2nd June 2018
at Friends Meeting House, Epping, Essex

Finding inspiration through silence and soul connections

As soon as we open to spirit through silence, we have set the intention to go deep and receive higher wisdom. We have given permission to spirit to speak of what our heart yearns to hear, and that our mind may be closed to. This day is about personal silent communion with spirit through the written word and through imagery. This will be integrated with group soul work where we will listen to and support each other's story, and offer combined wisdom from spirit to aid each other for individual growth.

It is suited to those interested in personal and spiritual growth, and those looking to deepen their connection to spirit.

Bookings can be made through the School of Intuition & Healing. Please click here to Register

If you are looking for professional healer training, the School of intuition and Healing offer a comprehensive two year healing course in London. Click here for more information.